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Foot, Knee, and Pelvic Floor Courses are currently live, with many more healing opportunities on their way. 

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Pelvic Floor 101

The owners manual for the female pelvic floor.  The basics of what every woman should know. 

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"As a strength coach and athlete I value professionals that have extensive knowledge and experience within their field and that continue to educate and improve their craft. Furthermore, it is important that they take the time to understand your needs/goals and make you a part of the process. Sandi encompasses all of these qualities and has been invaluable to my success as an athlete and a professional myself. I have the utmost confidence that Sandi is well equipped to help with any of your needs. "

Jen Enos
Olympic Lifter, Coach & Telu's Foot Fixer Graduate

One on One Online Coaching Support with Sandi

Lets take a deeper dive into making you better. Want some extra guidance? Perhaps you have specific questions that you are looking for answers...Sandi is available to help with custom designed programs specifically for your head to toe needs.

"As an aging athlete, my feet have been a source of concern. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in 2005 and have been trying to manage foot pain ever since. The foot fixer program has provided me with the tools to actively improve my feet. I never knew how much better I could feel by rolling, mashing and stretching. Thank you for making it easy and educational."

Ken Hatch
Real Estate Appraiser, Athlete, Telu's Foot Fixer Participant

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